RGB.wiki is about Digital Art and Design

What started with the idea of having a classified archive of art and design styles, became the holistic package of combining popular artistic styles, basic design theory and the community around it in one spot.

Digital education for the digital age

Traditional art and design already have plenty of references from hundreds to thousands of years of creation (art at least for the better part), digital art and design however are more of a recent creation and are evolving as fast paced as technology itself. The goal ultimately is to deliver a reference point for digital art and design, similar to what we already have for the analog counterpart.

Visually defined and inclusive

RGB stands for the three primary colors of the additive color space which is the current standard for todays displays. As the name suggests does the focus of RGB.wiki lie heavily on the visual aspect of art and design—however this shall not exclude art and design that combines visuals with other media, like motion graphics, music visualizations or even kinetic installations making use of interesting imagery.

The core ideas of RGB.wiki can be summarized with visual, educational and digital—describing it in a coherent sentence:

RGB.wiki is an educational wiki that evolved from the desire to have a visual reference for artistic ideas and design principles.