It is crucial to come up with an attractive, simple, and fast web design to excite clients. There are certain elements that a good website ought to have to impress the modern tech-savvy users. Good web design will evoke your visitors to hit subscribe, buy, or download buttons, thereby promoting your services. But what are the components of good web design? Let us take a look at some of them.

Effective colour scheme

Since you need to come up with aesthetically pleasing web design, colour is the one component that must be strongly considered. You need to be keen when picking the right colour for your overall web design. The colour should match the logo of your platform, as well as the experience you want to achieve with your brand.

Though there is a wide range of colour schemes that you could use, there are two of them that ware widely used.

Analogous colours

These are colours that are adjacent to one another on the colour wheel. This colour scheme is a bit hard to add to a website. However, it could make your site look appealing when used the right way. Make sure to find a professional web designer who understands how to use this scheme if you feel it is the best for your site.

Complementary colours

On the colour wheel, these are the colours that are opposite one another. This is the colour you need to choose when looking to achieve a bold contrast on your site.

You can still come up with your colour palette if you want. You can do this with basic colour theory to pass an important message to your audience. Ask your expert to help you at this stage if things don’t seem to work right for you.

Be consistent across all pages

Try to be as consistent across all your pages as possible. It is another way to communicate with your audience in an orderly manner. It is okay to have a different style for your homepage. You want to make it attractive and exquisite to draw the attention of your users. Note that the layout of your homepage has a direct impact on the number of internet users that click through your pages.

For your other pages, you need to maintain a consistent layout. But make sure that they have some relationship with the homepage, just to achieve professionalism, though it doesn’t have to be too much. The inner pages should be the same from layout, colour palette, the positioning of the logo and many other elements on the page. If you have not used the same typography in all pages, then you might want to consider reworking it.

Typography must match the theme

Typography is one of the most important things you need to have in mind when trying to achieve the best website design. There is an endless list of fonts that you could use to ensure that your website looks its best. Interestingly, you can come up with personalized fonts depending on what you need.

Regardless of what you decide to use, make sure that it matches the overall layout of your website perfectly. For example, the typography used for a corporate website might not appeal to visitors looking to buy clothes, especially for teenagers. In this case, it is wise to consider casual typeface.

Always keep your primary audience in mind when choosing typography for your web design. Also, you are free to try things around until you find what you feel might be best for your target customers.

Design your contact page carefully

Most web designers are able to come up with some attractive websites. While this is a great way to engage clients, there is a lot that needs to be done besides just adding aesthetics. If your visitors do not find contact information to get in touch with you, then it is a waste of time coming up with a website. This is why you should ensure that your contact page is designed and given the best attention.

Make sure that you have the best contact page for your website. When users need to get in touch, they should be able to do so without spending time looking for the contact info. The page should display details such as the address, email, phone number, fax, and a map in case they need to access the office.

A query form might also work wonders. Just make sure that you have it optimised for mobile screens. The form should have a visible CTA button.

Ensure a clutter-free interface

It might be hard to come up with a website that impresses all your users. But someone should see the effort you have made when they visit your site. Other than aesthetics, make sure that your website is easy to navigate and read through. This way, you will easily pass important information to the users.

Avoid, by all means, making the mistake of having too many unnecessary things on your website. Reduce the amounts of filler texts and images that might not have much use to your visitors. Maintain a good balance of text and images on your website and you will give it an impressive layout.

Use high-quality images

Images and stock photography have been used for many years, even on some of the best e-commerce platforms. Today, most low-budget websites that are launched use these images. While some are keen to add these pictures, certain essential factors ought to be considered.

If you are not operating on a tight budget, at least use high-quality images on your website. These should be unique photographs and images that are mostly created and availed by professionals. Take your time and think about the right image that your website should have. The images and photographs should be detailed enough to communicate effectively to your audience. If you can’t afford a photographer at the moment, you can consider using free photos from the internet. Make sure the artists have allowed people to use the pictures without making any payments.


Some e-commerce owners are not aware of the power of storytelling when it comes to engaging clients. It is important to note that your clients should feel welcome and understood when they visit your site. You can achieve this through interactive storytelling. Try to come up with a timeline and tell customers about your product by letting them click through or by scrolling.

This is a hard thing to do as your customers might have different interests. Therefore, you must be thorough when creating the timeline. It can either be a stepping stone to your e-commerce or even a tumbling stone. Make sure that you create a flawless story that your clients can follow through without missing a single detail.

Storytelling will make your visitors feel like a human is behind the business, and this will subconsciously make them want to work with you. It is important to humanize your site as few people would want to work with robots. In addition to telling your story, you should add a customer service line or chat option that features real people.

Social media engagement

At least everyone uses social media nowadays. It owns the internet today, and this makes it an integral marketing tool. Therefore, it is a valuable tool that you need to factor in when trying to boost the overall performance of your business.

Your visitors will be happy when they can share crucial information on your website. But this might not happen unless you include those social media buttons and widgets on your pages. With social media buttons and widgets integrated, you will boost your presence on the internet.

Note that some social media platforms perform better than others. Find out the ones that are mostly used by your customers and add them to your website. Take your time and think carefully before making this important decision.

Responsive design

A responsive web design is one that adapts fluently to the size of the browser window. This is especially useful, when the browser window is limited by the devices screen, like on mobile devices which intrinsically have a smaller screen to display your website on. Make sure your website is suited for the most regular sceen sizes and change the layout of your web design and content accordingly.

Final thoughts

These tips can help you come up with good web design for your visitors. They will also take your conversion rate to a whole new level, thereby giving you a competitive advantage. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a website designer, these techniques will help you achieve your key goals. Make sure to use them to your advantage, and you will become one of the best in your industry. Let us know in the comment section in case there is anything that has not been covered in this piece.